Mental Health
Group Support

Group Support

Our Mental Health Group support services covers a wide range of social and community needs. Our workshops are designed to give you tools to help yourself, with  a particular focus on experiencing mental health issues. Browse through our different programmes. 

Farsi Depression Group

Whilst originally serving those from Iranian or Middle Eastern backgrounds, the Yaran community is now committed to creating real and lasting change into the lives of many, regardless of backgrounds across Manchester, who are experiencing mental health, family trauma, low confidence, isolation, loneliness and health issues. For many clients, the Yaran Centre is an integral part to the local network and community fabric.

Living life to the full workshops (Farsi)

The 6 week program is offered across Greater Manchester, as early help intervention for people who have sub-threshold symptoms for depression. We work with them to try and reduce those symptoms in order to reduce the likelihood of them developing further issues at later stage.These workshops have been developed for those individuals who have been feeling ’sad’ or ‘flat’ or have ‘low mood’ to take part in the workshops to help with their mood. The new support is delivered by a guided workbook developed by Yaran Team.

Life skills

Life skills are the development of personal skills that enable individuals to improve their mental health. These skills also increase people’s self-confidence, self-esteem, motivation, positive attitude, building resilience’s and communication skills to be one-step closer towards integration and strengthening their individual, as well as community resiliencies. The weekly life skills self-help sessions gives people the tools to help themselves, with a particular focus on supporting Farsi speakers who are experiencing mental health problems.

General Health sessions

None-Prescriptive weekly sessions offered by Farsi speaking General Practitioner to asylum seekers and refugees on general health issues they may face, women’s health issues, including poor sexual health.

 The sessions also provide learning about NHS system and how to access GP and healthcare services appropriately which can effect people who feel excluded from a community and being in an unfamiliar environment. 

Physical Activity and fitness class

Lose weight, define your muscles, see changes and results both in your body and the way you feel about yourself. The training is fun, progressive and a way to learn how to exercise and gain the knowledge to keep this going away from the sessions as well.

The classes teaches you to improve and self-maintain your physical health as well as mental health.

Connect 5 3 days Course (Farsi, Arabic, Turkish)

These weekly sessions are focused for promoting emotional resilience among workers, employers or employees; providing individuals with useful resources and information. This Toolkit includes promoting healthy behaviour in the workplace (e.g. healthy living, self-care, building resilience’s, Improving mental and physical activity). Providing support for Farsi speaking employees with mental health problems and to remain at work and/or return to work as quickly as possible.

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