About Us at Yaran

Our Story at Yaran

Yaran Northwest was established as a not-for-profit organisation to provide a variety of services. In conclusion these service are there to meet the needs of vulnerable adults, new immigrants, families and couples in Greater Manchester. Therefore who need urgent help with counselling advocacy, recovery and wellbeing can receive it.

Our Expertise for client

Our multi- cultural team is made up of fully qualified counsellors, psychotherapists and advocacy advisors. Moreover our staff have worked for over 10 years in their field. In addition we are also able to offer our services in languages other than English.

Yaran services is committed to achieving high quality of opportunities in all aspects of its work. Therefore Yaran  implement this in the areas of our management structure service delivery, policy development and access to use of services.

Background of migration

As of 2010 there are an estimated four to five million BAME who live outside their country. In addition this continues to grow as persecution forces more to leave their home country. Therefore it is important to state that this number has possibly increased to six million. Overall In the UK since 2015 there are over 91,087 BAME. Therefore almost 90% of asylum seekers came from Asian or African countries in 2016. Finally the top five nationalities for UK asylum applications are Iranian, Pakistani, Iraqi, Afghan and Bangladeshi.

Background & Statistics in Manchester

In the Greater Manchester area there are an estimated 14,000 BAME, some long settled and over 600 claiming asylum. For example in Manchester there are currently over 5,654 residents over age of 3 who speak Farsi. There are also other people who speak Farsi. In conclusion these people include Azerbaijani, Arminian, Kurdish, Indians and Tadzhiks, and Afghans who speak Dari (a variety of Farsi).

Our Community in Manchester

There is a varied community with a variety of needs. For example these needs range from the urgent legal, financial and psychological needs. Also within this community there are issues relating to seeking asylum from political, religious and gender-related persecution to the cultural and community-oriented requirements of those who are settled and have UK passports. Therefore in Yaran our aim is to provide practical assistance via a focal point for this diverse community. Therefore this assistance can be more efficiently delivered to those who require it. Also members of the community can help one another more effectively.

Contact Us

For those who want to learn more about our services, or want to talk to one of our professionals. Therefore please get in touch via our contact details below, or simply fill our contact form out and one of our members of staff will be in touch.